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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Mid Valley Megamall Benefit Bigeasy launching private event

Hi ladies! 
Sorry for not posting any post this week, because I'm currently preparing for my coming Bangkok trip and I'm learning new handmade too , that's why...hahaha 

Here is my first invitation for media private event from Benefit !  
when I received this E-mail I was sooooo happy & worried as well, 
because I'm going back to Seremban on that week, i'm afraid I couldn't attend..was giving up already.
But just nice my friend Zoe also went back to Seremban for 2 weeks from PJ. 
and she dare to drive to KL from Seremban. So she drove me there :D thanks Zoe! 

It's a new product launching day + opening of Benefit Mid Valley Branch ! 
Congrats to Benefit Malaysia once again! 
this is the 3rd shops in Malaysia

Location : Benefit Boutique Ground Floor Mid Valley Megamall 
Date : February 27, 2014 
Time : 3PM to 5PM 

this is the invitation card that they sent me 

I reached at 2.20PM, photographers, waitress are all standby 

so we have to register before going in and this is friendly Cheeyan :) 

the happy me
every guest/media will receive a bag of Benefit Goodies and a media file 

and also an admission ticket ! Just like a circus! 

there's 3 games you can play and you're entitle to join lucky draw to win Benefit products! 

le poster

wooooooo look at the muscles @_@  

with my senior Paige ! surprisingly she also major in Illustration =D

the first game I play , hit the peanut with the hammer when the girl drop the peanut 
and I made it !

and we have cakes, burgers, caramel apple, lychee lime juicy & many more 

and here is the last game , hit the duck with the gun! and I hit it! :D

with clowns, ring man , muscle man performance 
it's so happening here!!

and I've got mine too! But I couldn't.. finish > _<

Zoe & Me  

don't you think the interior design is so pretty! so princessy so girlish so pastel <3 

drum rolls~~~~~
what's inside my Benefit bag? the newest products of Benefit 
BIG EASY foundation x 2 
and the best seller Dandelion blusher!  

This Bigeasy foundation is very very suitable for oily skin !! 
Don't worry I'll write an review of this products in a short while :)  

 Benefit packaging is always so vintage so cute!

they gave us two shades, 02 light, and 06 deep beige.
 deep beige we can use it for contouring /shading

I would like to thanks Benefit Malaysia for giving me this opportunities as a media/ guest to attend this awesome event ! Hopefully more to come! :) 

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