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Friday, 9 May 2014

Bangkok Trip 2nd day . Chatuchak market and Thai wedding ceremony

Howdy! sorry for not being so active lately, busy for mothers day preserved flowers ...
finally all orders are done. But there's still got some more others like bridal bouquet & flower crown orders, well at least not so urgent =D 

We woke up on the second day after we touch down , thank god I'm feeling much much better after a good night sleep. Because today is the BIG DAY & this is the main purpose we came to Bangkok!
he is one of the hengdai for his Inti collage friends . 
groom is from Malaysia & bride from Thailand <3
we woke up at 6am and reached the royal army club at 7am+ 

each of the hengdai holding different things that represent happiness, healthy & wealthy 

can you spot the moneysssss? $_$ 

nola! hahahaha, theres 9 monks giving blessing to the new couple . very serious and quite one

and groom have to pass this 'gate' one by one , is something like Malaysia , have to give ang pao, have to do whatever the bride maids old. all the bridesmaid very pretty, thin and the way they dress up so dreamy & lady !!! <3 <3 

and they give the monks some sweets, waters , foods etc 

passing the foods for the monks. 
okay, basically thai wedding ceremony is like this. and night they're having buffet just like us. 

after the wedding ceremony we went to Chatuchak market!!!!!! 
just like a HUGE HUGE HUGEEEEE petaling street !!
Bangkok weather is very very hot & sunny, must prepare sunblock & mini fan if u're going. 
If not you'll regret hor
this store is very small but I love all their dress /tops /bottoms /scarf /hat 
with pretty flora design <3 
I bought a dress (this blue one) and a top! 
after i went back to Hotel and i am super regret for not getting more,
because the fabric is very comfy & very suitable for Malaysia weather . 

and the next day I wore it. a lot girls pm me / comment ask me where did I get this dress from
from chatuchak market !
only around RM24 for each! strongly recommend for those who are going there 

various design <3 

thai snacks <3 


I would probably call this place HANDMADE ARTIST HEAVEN !  
Seriously this is heaven for every handmade artist

they sell pets 

ALOT cheap & nice pet clothes & accessories 

glasses, bottles, miniaturesssss

miniatures basket / plates / cups 

available in different colours (Malaysia most probably only selling white & green only) 

can you move your shop to Malaysia please! Malaysia need one!! 

my loots 

hot & thirsty ? you can get nice coconut rice ice cream ! cheap & super refreshing!
around RM4 each 

who's the happy girl !!! 

SOOOOO MANY DIFFERENT colours & patterns paper flowers !!!! AHHHH!
How I wish I could buy them all !! 
yummy nice mango rice ^_^ my favourite !!! the mango was so sweet & juicy 

my husband asked why every girl came to Thailand like to take photo with mr mcdonald 
I said I duno. lols, most probably because you don't find any others country mcd in this pose ?? 

Hope you enjoy my 2nd day bangkok trip!!! 



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  2. wow! really happy to see the detailed post..TFS. I am planning to go in March. Would you mind sharing the details for the paper flower market?