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Thursday, 22 May 2014

DIOR Lip Glow Review

Hi girls ! 
Today I'm gonna review on DIOR BEST SELLER !!!! 
Colour reviver balm ! 
I've heard and saw a lot bloggers from others country keep saying this lip glow is awesome and super recommended , I was like ...hmmm... is this a lip balm or transparent lip stick? I don't really look into it , until that day went to buy Dior fluid stick from the super friendly Mr Zaidi , 
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he recommended lip glow and lip maximizer this to me ,  retailing at RM97 each. 
You can even taobao and search for DIOR, top seller all are Lip Glow 0-0 

it is really surprise , this lip glow is incredibly nice to use lo !!! 
review :
with pretty pastel pink packaging <3 

look pinkish yet transparent 0-0 i guess this is semi transparent? 

when apply it is transparent, after 3 to 5 seconds it automatically changed to pinkish colour depending on your body temperature 

so I apply on the left side of my lip to show you the comparison .
it is a very natural pinkish colour 

I like this Lip glow really really much, especially wen you going out near to buy something at least you can wear this lip glow, not too obvious like lipstick, but yet looking natural , moist and healthy .

yes it is look like a lip balm, BUT remember to use make up remover to remove it, because it came with a little bit colour, so still remove it when u r going to bed =) 

Hope you like my review! 


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