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Saturday, 17 May 2014

GraceGift princess mint colour ballet flat shoes

Not sure have you heard about this brand call GraceGift from Taiwan? 
its a very famous shoes/cloths brand from Taiwan, 
especially shoes!!!! very girlish / princesses / casual / classy / boyish / pastels colour / solid colour/ glitters/ OL etc...
you name it they have it ! 
Total ordered 4 pairs of Grace Gift shoes from my friend Stephy ,  
1 princesses mint colour ballet flat shoes 
1 simple beige pointy leather heels 
1 simple light brown high heels 
and 1 crystal mint high heels 

this post I'm gonna blog about this  princess mint colour ballet flat shoes 
MY Favourite among all !!! 
fall in love with the first sight! omg I must get it !!! 

Price : RM1XX

where do I get mine from? 

you may pm inbox her about the shoes you want the size you want 
and you will receive it within 2 to 3 weeks :) 
owner is really friendly & helpful ^_^

Available in 4 sweet colours 

mint, white, beige & pink 
IF I'm rich enough, I will probably get all 4 colours . IF....hahaha


so here is my actual photos of the shoes <3
pretty princess shoes box 

golden embroidery logo 

each box of shoes they provided 2 separate dust bag and they also given extra diamonds just in case some drop of and we can stick it back anytime <3  

this part were my favourite !!! is like the shoes is wearing a necklace <3 <3 

that day @ Pavillion...
with Daiso comfy socks :D 
very easy to handle this flat shoes, normal simple top, a jeans with a pair of this look really nice edi 

Overall the shoes is super pretty ,  nice colour, nice detailed, good quality , good packaging,
just only 1 biggest problem is...the shoes is kinda hard,  I wear it to Pavillion for 3 hours my toe is very painful so I rush to daiso and bought a pair of short socks! soooo comfy after that ! 
so I bought another 4 pairs SAME socks from Daiso . LOL
It happens to all new shoes! so remember to go Daiso buy a pair of socks in your bag just in case :) 


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