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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Lash concierge No 12 REVIEW

Hi gurls! Today I'm going to review this Lash concierge No 12 ! 
Japan eyelashes are always so fine, so soft , available in many different patterns too. 
but the price is definitely higher than the normal taiwan/china eyelashes, but as for the quality you can absolutely feel the differences . and Japan eyelashes can tahan even longer too. 
I was like every girl , why I wanna spend so much of the eyelashes? I'd rather pay much lesser to get those china one. BUT until 1 day I came across Dolly Wink eyelashes and I would never ever go back to China eyelashes anymore. if you have budget, try Japan eyelashes, you won't regret :) 

Lash Concierge is under Koji Honpo (Dolly Wink) too 

I love this series very very much, it is more to natural series
super comfy and super soft ! 
nowadays Japanese started to put light make up on instead of heavy long dolly eyelashes. 

Koji -Honpo(Dolly Wink) Malaysia FB

I've blogged about Dolly Wink No9 last few months too .Please click here for the post

so let's get started! 
Here is a chart of all of the Lash Concierge eyelashes .

what I choose is no.12 
It may look not as natural as the others 0_0 but I like this type of pattern very much .
If you think 12 is a bit over for you, No,10 is not bad too. 

The packaging 

I like everything of it! But the model on it....not really >_< 

overall the packaging is looking cute and neat , If compare to Dolly Wink I prefer this . 
Much easier to open it ! price wise also cheaper! Dolly Wink RM55 , Lash Concierge RM45.90 only.

came with a mini glue ( this mini size is more than enough for 2 pairs of eyelashes) 

super soft !!!!!

it may look exaggerate while the eyelashes on the box but after put on my eyes It looks really natural! 
my eyelashes are very short and very little and even after mascara is also same, 
doesn't look obvious -_- 
for some event I have to wear fake eyelashes if not the whole make up will lack of something very important. 

under natural light 

natural but noticeable =D

having fun with this pair of lashes, planning to get No 8 & No 10 next time ^_^ 

where you can get it? 
KLCC Isetan Japanese cosmetics department 

How much? 
selling at RM 45.90 comes with eyelash fix 

Hope you like my review !
see you next few days! =D

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