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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

First food post ! B. Station , korea village, ampang

If you're hungry , better stop scroll down   =X
MY first FOOD POST !!! 
well let us take a break from skin care/ make up review shall we? 

from now on I'll 'try' to share more unique / cute / yummy restaurant ! 
every one love's food! even me also , but...recently workout and wanna push my self to get 6packs within a month. well I guess is kinda hard, almost 20days I can only get 2 packs , 
but I'll continue no matter how :) I'll definitely blog about it soon. once I achieve the body that I want. 
hey, stop saying workout. 
Today here is for FOOD! LOLOLOL! 
*throw away workout & muscles for awhile*


address :

1, Jalan Ampang Utama 1/1, Taman Ampang Utama, 68000 Ampang, Selangor
03-4251 0455

it just opposite Ampang Point, that area is FULL of korean's , korea food , korea saloon 
and korea dancing class. 
for people who like kpop or korean foods, you should really come here & enjoy :) 

Bulgogi (beef) with chili sauce , hot dog and bread . 

not spicy at all , for those who scared of hot / spicy foods can order.  

this few days I started to ate heavy supper wtf. need to workout more 

this not mine. *sound so proud* 
look so yummy lo! Next time gonna order this one! 

look so comic :X 
my friend told me the waffle is actually taste like oat meat 
I should add those bling bling effect around it =P

the price range for the foods here is around RM8- RM20plus plus. 
the price is reasonable. 

they have ais cream, burgers, spaghetti and some desserts. 
as for drinks they have coffee, fruit juice and so on. 

with my pretty friend Patty =) 
Thanks for accompany me 

the interior design here is SUPER DUPER CUTE! 
so cozy, so cute & with full of love! 
the boss is korean with friendly service & friendly smile to welcome you ^_^ 

the kitchen ! so fairy tale 

so garden =x 

it's actually a very romantic place for couple too. 
very quite place, not much people, relaxing & cozy restaurant. 
this restaurant actually gave me a 'home feel' ,very relax. 

so here is my first short and simple food post. 
hope you like it ! 


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