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Monday, 20 October 2014

Korea Cettua skincare range review

Good day ladies! 
today I'm gonna review on this series of Cettua ~!

The Premium quality with low price !

CETTUA is designed by high quality products and represent the separated product lines through the pattern image and colors.

CETTUA is targeted to the teenager and young generation. In this inspiration, Cettua slogans were made to ‘Clean & Simple’ and
‘More Beautiful’ These slogans are expressed Cettua products Lines.
'Clean & Simple' line is designed by pretty & charming pattern. 

'More Beautiful' line is designed by nobleness pattern. 
I believe most of us have been seeing this products everywhere from pharmacy Malaysia , 

this is old packaging.

and today! they had a brand renewal of all their packaging design! 
came with more series of products and interesting functions ! 

Where you can purchase Cettua products :
-Aeon Wellness 
-Caring Pharmacy



-Goldencorner Face's book Page ,

You may enlarge it to see the details of the catalog :)
They have a lot of interesting new masks !

look at the mask series! packaging so cute so pastel and every mask came with a 'mirror' , 
it said's 'check your skin here' but I assume that's just a decoration and creative way to let users play with ^_^ 

Total 6 types 
-Pore Control Facial Mask -RM9.90 for 2pcs
-Hydrating Facial Mask -RM9.90 for 2 pcs
-AC Clear Facial Mask -RM9.90 for 2 pcs
-Brightening Facial Mask - RM9.90 for 2 pcs
-Anti-Redness Mask - RM9.90 for 2 pcs 
-Anti-Aging Facial Mask  - RM9.90 for 2 pcs 

I need them all !
 Especially anti-redness , pore control and Hydrating mask 

so here's mine. hahahaha! kinda intertaining :p

Not always can see anti red-ness facial mask in the market, kinda rare though, 
and my face always red on cheek and nose, so I decided to try this, 
so here is the result after 20minutes, it does reduce my redness and overall skin tone is even :) 
I think Anti-Redness and Brightening mask is really suitable who going to attend a big event, 
such as wedding dinner, company event . It'll instantly give you brightening and clam down your skin.   

Silky and clear nose strip charcoal 6pcs for RM9.90

it actually managed to pull out some of my stubborn blackheads too. 
Remember to apply toner after nose strip :D

Here is some interesting patch which I don't see much from market too, 
Hot Body design patch - 6 sachets for  RM59.90
Leg Relax Patch 2 patches for RM8.90 

I've tried the hot body design patch , just stick to the place that you concerned , 
for some part no matter how we exercise also can't get rid of the fats , this should do the trick, 
for uppermost delivery of active ingredients , leave the patch for minimum 4 hours to 8 hours maximum :)

as for leg relax patch is suitable for people who have sore/tired leg after a while day of wearing high heels .
a MUST have item to relax and provide soothing comfort for the tired legs, herbal oils will revitalise your skin while menthol and camphor will cool and reduce swollen areas. 

Half Moon Firming Eye Patch 5 pairs for 18.90


Half Moon Brightening Eye Patch 5 pairs for 23.90

it contains DPHP help to reduce and control fine lines around your eye areas, DPHP makes your dry skin feel moisturise , It can be use for eye, cheek and even forehead ! 

Overall the packaging is simple yet cute and most importantly price is very reasonable too, 
after the new packaging I think is much more nicer and attractive :) 

Hope you like my review! 


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