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Monday, 13 October 2014

Tapas boutique from Sunway Pyramid Asia Avenue

Hi ladies! 

Just a quick and short blog post ! 
Sunway Pyramid was my top 1 favourite shopping centre ,
1)Because I graduated from The One Academy, 3 years, almost everyday go there watch movie /lunch / dinner or shopping with friends there. TOO MUCH memories! 
and now every time I go back I'll ask my lecturer come out and have lunch and so :) 

2) you can go for branded clothes,  Padini, forever21 , roxy and so on. Or cheaper & more stylish? 
Asia Avenue is the best choice, I always won't come out with empty hand =x 
Although the shops there are small but every shop have their own uniqueness , 

Here is one of my favourite shop in Asia Avenue, The interior design is sweet and simple ,
and the clothes they selling is very sweet too! most of it are in pastel colour , lace , chiffon . 

Tapas Instagram :

Available at 
-Sunway Pyramid Asia Avenue 
-Paradigm Mall 

cute and simple interior design <3 

so here is some of my favourite pick 
top with pastel pink bow crop top! super cute design !!!! 
Last piece 0_0 luckily I grabbed fast =x 
but there's still have other colour, I saw cobalt blue colour too. 

Cotton Pastel Mint color lace midi skirt RM39.90 
I fall in love with the first sight , the colour is too sweet ! 
the lace part is semi see through , but not really can see through la. So don't worry XD 
available in pink, mint and baby blue ! 
all 3 colours is super pastel >_< 
How I wish I can get all of them! 

Beige tutu midi skirt RM39.90
and I always want a chiffon tutu midi skirt and I found a perfect one from here ! 
available in beige, black, green, white

Price range is from RM10 to RM60 ++ 
so here is my review on Tapas boutique from asia avenue !
Remember visit there if you like sweet and pastel style of clothes / dresses ! 



  1. Thanks for sharing your favourite boutique. ��

  2. the dress looks good on you! =D