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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Make Up For Ever latest product Artist shadow with 210 intense shades

Hi ladies !!! 
Thanks to SEPHORA Malaysia & Make up forever for this workshop

Dany Sanz crafted ARTIST SHADOW eyeshadows like a collection of haute couture colors. An amazingly rich palette of 210 intense shades in 5 finishes - matte, satiny, metallic, iridescent and diamond.

These fine-textured eyeshadows glide on smoothly, feel divinely sensorial on the skin and are fine and supple enough to be endlessly blended, enabling a wealth of nuances with one single shade. Easy application, impeccable hold, instant and precise color effect – this new range of eyeshadows extends the boundaries of creativity.

Each color has been custom-crafted in a delicate alchemy to get the optimal result, a highly skilled undertaking that lasted three years and now enables both stage-makeup professionals and ordinary women – from the most natural-looking to the most flamboyant – to go all out with color.

3 to-go palettes have been created to take your favorites colors with you all day long to do touch up before a meeting or a date.

Do you know StarHill have 2nd floor? =D
they have Benefit & Make up forever stand alone outlet on the 2nd floor. 

I don't have any make up forever products and I never try before. 
it's a great chance for me today! Test until I happy =X
their packaging is very-professional- look ,
everything goes with simple, sleek and black design. 
the tag is obvious as well. 
you know what, I don't really feel like I'm in a cosmetics shop,
I feel like I'm inside an art material shop! 
look at those colours! look at those design, look like colour pencil , water colour , 
palate and water-colour brush too. haha 
the latest artist eyeshadow *this is just a very small part of it* 
They have total 210 colours !!! I think every make up artist is gonna be crazy about it :P 

a big range of foundations ! 

color pencil =X 

everything in Make up forever is super super pigment and super super long lasting. 
Price wise I think is similar to MAC / Shue Uemura . Range at RM80- RM300 ++
which I think is great and really suitable for make up artist , stage show , party kind of people. 
If you have a chance go there have a look! The artist there are very friendly , helpful and like to joke with us too  <3 Pardon our lame jokes =X

while demo 

Lucky girl Janice able to try out the latest artist eyeshadow by make-up artist make up forever.
pretty colour isn't it! 

some sweets and cakes for us too!

I always adore Dracula lip colour! Dark, red , deep , blood kind of colour. 
and I found this 2. 
11 is for warm skin tone, 13 is for cold skin tone.

and in the end I think I picked No,13. 

want to create gradient lip but I think I failed. the texture is really really thick , I used 3 or 5 pcs of cotton pad only managed to remove it all !!! 
They all shocked when they see me with this lip colour, all of them saying that I look like Dracula. 
well I guess that's what I want isn't it XD

Isn't that bad after all , but not really suit my OOTD , so decided to remove it after tested it .
This colour goes well for dark, gothic , dress with high heels and big hat. 
and bite a rose. HAHA *over imagination* 

me, Janice & Lee Hong 

we enjoyed our workshop! We ate a lot of macarons , candy's and apply juice XD


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