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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Stila Magnificent metals foil finish eye shadow in metallic merlot from Sephora REVIEW

Hi ladies! 
tomorrow is public holiday! 
Going somewhere? stay at home have a good rest ? 
for me I'm going to Farm in the city tomorrow! 
it's wayyyyyy much better than the ZOO negara! 
If you haven't , please go check it out ! 
super awesome place to hang out with kids / partner even family! 

Today I'm gonna review this awesome product from Stila 
this was my first Stila product

you can get it from every Sephora outlet. 
Price: RM100

available in many colours too! 

I like super high pigment eyeshadow very very much, 
especially with glitters *_* 

but sadly Malaysia only have maybe half of the colour cart from above .
(picture credit to Stila official website) 

Create metal eyes that mesmerize with our Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow, a striking cream-to-powder shadow with a multidimensional metallic finish. Inspired by the runway, our one-of-a-kind formula is packed with rock-and-roll sparkle to achieve a variety of effects, from a light wash of shimmer to an opaque metallic finish. It also comes with a mini Stay All Day, Liquid Eye Primer & handy mixing tray... simply prime, combine and shine!

This set contains: 
- 0.07 oz Eye Shadow 
- 0.06 oz Primer
-mix tray 

the texture is hard , rough and kinda dry. 

here's our little eye primer in glass bottle . so tiny so cute. 

like the name of this product, 
metals foil finish eye shadow. 
it really feels like metals foil , but of course, this is way much more fine. lol 

just a drop of eye primer ,
you can mix it together with your metal foil eyeshadow, 
it'll instantly became liquid eye shadow. 

you need a flat brush to mix them together, 
and use the brush to apply on your eyelids. 
if you use your fingers it's gonna be very messy and looks dirty too. 

the colour is is cooper , a dark brown colour with a hint of red colour. 
this colour is kinda unique so I bought this, instead of ordinary brown colour. 

just a tiny little bit primer & metals foil eyeshadow turns out so much. 
can you spot the metal foils? it's actually very thin and very fine.  

I'm using  YSL Pure Chromatics 4 wet & dry eye shadows no 6 in Gold Color . 
for new readers you may click into this link for the review :) super awesome colour !

as for end of my eyes I'm using this Stila Metalic Merlot for the contour and shading.
this colour can easily match with any light pink/ light brown / golden colour eyeshadow. 

if you want to create a smokey eyes, this is suitable too! 

Beautiful colour! I love it soooo much!

for some readers might wondering will it hard to remove? 
because you so hard to remove.
but somehow this eyeshadow is super easy to clean, just any oil remover will do. 
massage awhile, and done. all gone. nothing left. 

-Super pigmented
-easy to apply 
-beautiful colour 
-available in many colours 
-easy to remove 
-very long lasting 

-have to mix it every time 
-not handy 

Hope you like my review ! 
Enjoy your holiday! ^_^ 


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