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Friday, 10 October 2014

UGB Aqua Cream / Peeling Gel and LYCOZ Bio-Cellulose Mask from Korea Review

Hi pretties! 
How's your weekend! 
Hope every things fine :) 

A big parcel arrived my for step with pretty & classy wrapping 
Have you heard of UGB or LYCOZ ? 
Both of them actually very well known in Korea , 
and best of all, they are using natural ingredient in every product , continually strive  for the finest possible formulations with superior efficacy and optimum benefits . 
such as ginseng, and various botanical extracts. 
You can actually smell some ginseng or traditional herbs . 
This gonna be a very long post because I have a lot of thought for their products. 
can't wait to share with you all , because it is a really really good brand. 

LYCOZ is a revolutionary Korean skin care line that uses nature's secrets to provide your skin with the vital nutrients it desires . 

UGB offers a new and exciting future for the marketing of healthy organic skincare, it provides a new dimension of product as it is the first ginseng skin care product to be available in Malaysia market. 

you can check out UGB & LYCOZ products from here  

UGB & LYCOZ facebook 

UGB outlet 
-Sunway Pyramid 
-AEON Mid Valley
-Parkson One Utama
-Parkson Subang Parade
-Parkson Sungei Wang

They're having a SPECIAL PROMOTIONS for all my readers now!
scroll down for more! 
Sunway Pyramid UGB store. 
Just opposite Full House

the packaging they using is very luxury & classy feels, 
I think this is great to send it as a gift for lover/best friends or your mother! 

One of the best seller ! 
UGB Peeling gel
RM 145 

Formulated with ginseng extract, natural cellulose and oriental herbs, Peeling Gel softly lifts away dead skin cells that will leave skin glowing with its exfoliating peel. It accelerates blood circulation and enhances the delivery with it's the delivery of physiologically active ingredients deep into the skin. Utilising protease technology,  a unique blend of plant-based enzymes combined with the skin's free protein and amino acids, peeling gel helps prevent moisture loss by enhancing the skin's protective barrier for a smooth, glowing complexion.

'Peeling Gel' , I thought is some mask after apply on your face and let it settle down for few mins and peel it off . Haha but I was wrong! 
Peeling gel here as in something like scrub, but this scrub is the finest that I've ever seen. 
when I apply on my hand/face it I can barely feels the super tiny little 'scrubs' 

How to use :
-Spread some amount over the cleaned face (avoid eyes & lip zone). Gently massage with your fingertips in circular movement. Specially massage on T zone. Rinse off with warm water. 
Twice a week. 
This product is great for sensitive skin, because this peeling gel (scrub) is really really mild and gentle. you wouldn't feel any pain or uncomfortable after use it.
for 100ML can use really really long, maybe at least half a year?
Because you only use once or twice a week with very small amount. 
Unless you share it with your families :)

The result is very obvious isn't it!
my hand instantly fairer and smoother !!
( you can enlarge picture and see the difference )

LYCOZ Overnight Bio-Cellulose mask
RM29.90 per sheet. 
25g each
Made up of refreshing cellulose from fermented coconut water (YES, COCONUT WATER lol ) , 
this unique gel mask is able to effectively deliver beneficial botanicals that keep skin hydrated longer . Safe and gentle to your complexion , it's nano-sized fibers conform closely to your face and have superior water retention ability . The absorption power is 10 times much stronger compared to general pulp material, to enhance skin vitality and ensure skin moisturising effect.  

Direction of us 
Apply mask with eyes and lips as the centre for the upper face and lower face each. 
wear for 30-40 minutes and relax~ 
Tips from me* 
I'll use mask every time after hot shower before sleep at around 8pm, your pores are all open and it will absorb much faster too! After cleanser > UGB peeling gel/ serum > Bio- Cellulose mask .
after that you can use your moisturiser and go to bed ! 
Guarantee you can feel a big different after a good night sleep ! 

I'll use the left overs essence from the mask to apply on my neck and hands. 
don't waste a single drop! LOL 

Last Step! 
UGB Aqua Cream!!!!
This cream is INCREDIBLE !!! MAGIC ! 
Blending ginseng and various botanical extracts to help lighten and moisturise your skin, it nourishes the skin with aqua emollient for double moisturising as they are absorbed rapidly and completely by the skin upon gently massage onto the face. 

How to use :
 apply small amount and gently massage over face & neck (avoid eye zone) 
in the morning and evening. 

Procedures :
cleansing > toner > serum> eye cream > aqua cream (if still dry, you may add on moisturiser)

the is not like others moisturise cream, it is in matte 0_0 
I never seen a matte cream before! 

texture is very very light 

and 3,2,1 magic happens !!! 
after few seconds of massage the water drops came out !! 
Girls you must must must try this cream ! too awesome! 

and 1 minutes later! 
totally absorb into my skin

after peeling gel > Bio-Cellulose Mask > Aqua Cream

after peeling gel , Bio- Cellulose mask and aqua cream from UGB and LYCOZ,
here is the difference before & after. 
my redness is lesser , face is brighter, firmer and best of all very moisturise! 
look very fresh and radiant. 
this set is a very basic hydrate products, suitable for sensitive skin too !

FREE DELIVERY for all items until 31st October  2014

want more? 
For all my readers, just key in FREEBIO
and you can get FREE 1 pcs LYCOZ Bio-Cellulose Mask with any purchase! 
(which worth RM29.90!!)


Enjoy ladies !!! 


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