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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Language is never a problem, Smile is everything

Hi everyone! 
How's your day! Hope all doing fine & great ! 
I would like to share a happy & short story to you,
here the story begins 

I believe everyone love Bangkok!  So do I ! 
This was my second visit to Bangkok, I'm a handmade lover of course i couldn't miss the best market in Bangkok which is Jatujak (Chatuchak) ,  It is a big big big giant huge market, 
I can spend my whole day there shopping, see see look look , eat yummy Thailand foods ! 
I won't go back hotel with empty hands for sure. 

We reach there by 9am, after few hours of shopping under humid weather with tired body 
and finally Lunch time is here so we were digging our lunch , 
everywhere is full of people we couldn't even find a comfy place with fan, table and chair. 
and we found this restaurant beside road side , so we finally settled down . 

our cold drinks under hot weather, how refreshing is that ! 

and soon , the owner of the restaurant from Spain came out to show everyone how to cook 
 an authentic Paella (Spain food) . 

Food is ready and in just a min half of it sold !!!
everyone is queuing for the delicious Paella 

Look at the BIG fresh prawns and BIG fresh mussel  @_@  
After a long long queue like 15minutes , finally my turn ! 

The cashier said one plate is 170baht ( RM19) 
and I was happily take out my wallet only realised 
I LEFT 100 baht (RM11)  !!!!
was digging all over my wallet and handbag, that's the last 100 baht left after a long shopping day...

yes, O.M.G. 

I was in panic and the people who queuing behind me started to show unhappy face and complaining why I took so long to pay. Everyone in the restaurant is looking at me, 
 I felt very guilty, awkward and sorry for making those who queuing under bright hot sun , 
 I dint know how to speak Thai nor Spain language 
and they don't understand what I'm saying too , 
I can only give them a bright smile and wave my hand saying that I doesn't have enough money to buy the yummy Paella and let the people behind me to buy. 

the owner who cooking beside me saw it and he understand what I'm trying to tell, 
and so , he passed me a plate of the Paella , and telling me ' FREE , FREE '' 

I was so touched and surprised !!!!! 

I insisted to give him my last 100baht , he doesn't want to take it ,
and said ' SHOPPING , SHOPPING ' , He's telling me to use the last 100baht to shop later . 

Thank you !!!! It meant so much to me !

Language is never a problem, Smile is everything 

I take out my camera and asked for a selfie,
the chef is happily nod his head and pose with me! 

Thanks for making my Bangkok trip full of good memories! 

and here is my  FREE yummy delicious authentic Paella by this wonderful Chef from Spain !!! 

I will definitely visit here next time ! 

 Nothing taste better than a free lunch by a friendly kind heart chef ! 
It was sooooooo good ! I was so happy until smile non stop while having my lunch. 
Just a simple kind act and you can help other's people , 
I hope I can help some one next time !

Good Luck & smile !
You'll never know what will happened on your saddest day! 
tomorrow is a better day :) 


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