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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Story about two Valerie

Hi dear all, 
how's your day! 

This is a short story about how I meet her and we became a good good friend! 

Have you noticed we have the exactly same teeth? :D 

How the story begins and what so special about us?

we both have the same name, Valerie
we know each other thru online game, 
but I wasn't really close with her, we were only Hi-Bye friends. 
One day she decided to meet us ,
 so she fly to Malaysia just to meet us (Malaysia online game friends) , 
well of course I'm happy to meet her! 

The first impression was 
the shapes, the crooked part is totally the same!

and our friends was laughing at us and said :

' LOOK! They're having the exactly same crooked teeth! ' 

and they keep laughing at us, 
we can only smile to each other and laugh with them to escape this extremely awkward moment.

Since many years ago, I'm very afraid on how people laugh and look at my crooked teeth, that's why I never laugh /smile with my mouth wide open , every time I laugh I'll just use my hand to cover my mouth. I have no confident at all . I was actually very down and sad on the whole day...
But guess what , due to this incident, we both became good good friend! 
Just like twins! 

we started to share our own story, own hobby, 
our daily life routine, gossips just like what other's bff do.  we msg each other everyday, 
we always send each other our daily picture, our foods picture especially ,
even thou she's in Singapore and I'm in Malaysia BUT we don't feel like we're far part, 
we're just like living next to each other.

after few months
 I decided go to Singapore alone to find her, 7 hours by bus with my small backpack. 
this was my first time travel another country alone, altho Singapore is just beside Malaysia but still need lots of courage to do so. 

She take Leave to accompany me to shopping , eat & be my tour guide :D
and 3 months later she told me she decided take bus come to visit me again but alone ! 
I know she's afraid of coming alone ( cause of Malaysia is not safe if compared to Singapore )
 but she still willing to do this for me, just to see me again.

Time flies, 3days 2 night ended so quickly. 
She have to go back Singapore and I have to stay in Malaysia. 
I know her well , she know me well, before she leave we almost cry, 
but we hold our tears and give each other a big big hug 
promise each other we're going to meet very soon . 

Thanks to our crooked teeth make us became best friend. 
Beside her I'm no longer afraid of showing my teeth to everyone, 
not even in front of the camera. I'm just proud of it :) 

cause that's the thing that brought us together. 
that's the thing to make us look alike. 

Sometimes, we'll look in to the mirror and laugh at our crooked teeth together. 
I hope someday we both can fix our crooked teeth together 
and show the world our teeth is perfectly fine!

Smile ! 

Valerie &Valerie 

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