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Sunday, 15 March 2015

VisaPure Review (after 2 months ) & studio shooting with Philips VisaPure

Hi ladies! 

How important is cleanser to me? 
Do you still remember my VisaPure review? 
Part one

Part two

this is the changes of my face within 2-3 months, before & after Philips VisaPure . 
a HURE change! 
Below picture I never edit nor turn on my beauty mode in my casio TR camera . 
you still managed to zoom in to see all the pores and pimples. 

I have so many acne is because too many make up on my face everyday and i dint clean properly, 
and my pores getting bigger and bigger, and lots of dirts stuccoes inside my pores ,
thats the main reason that cause all the pimples and white head appeared . 
I tried to put mask everyday, it dint help much. 
even I stop putting make up for few weeks, my skin problem is still the same. 
This is all because I dint remove the dirts properly :( 

until Visapure appear ~ 
let's see my skin condition

1month later. 
much better altho still have small pimples and white heads , but overall improve really well. 

what about 2months later? 
all I can say is my pores is much smaller and Im not worry of cosmetics is blocking my pores anymore! 

I'm sharing my own opinion in the video too! 

barely see my left face right ! felt so different :P 

some candid shoot during the shooting 

Happy studio shooting day with the ladies! 
altho the video is only around 3.1 minutes but took us 8 hours + to finish it. 
the result is simple & nice! 

take a look :D

I keep NG due to over nervous , Ive did many studio shooting last time but I'm still nervous .
Thanks for the awesome shooting team! 
hope to work with all of you again <3 

What is Visapure? 

Do you know? 

my current skin conditions :) 
Hope you achieve a healthy, glowing and awesome skin condition! 

remember girls, VisaPure is 10 times more effective than cleaning with hand ! 
especially girls who like to make up, make sure you clean all your make up away everyday in just 1 minutes ! 

Hope you like my review!


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  1. Ahhh your blog is so pretty! Love this review, cause the results were so visible when I met you at the Chulips event that day – you're practically glowing! Looking forward to meeting you again!