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Thursday, 5 March 2015

YSL Yves Saint Laurent Fusion Ink foundation B20 and BeautyBlender review

Hi ladies! 

Today i'm gonna review this two products together ! 
- Yves Saint Laurent Fusion Ink Foundation in B20 

Special edition a heart shape special for Best friend <3 

Thanks to my friend Zoe who always gift me some awesome cool presents for me to try :) 
felt so blessed every time! Thank you! 
I've heard a lot of good review from top bloggers / make up guru about this beauty blender , 
but due to the price wasn't cheap, this heart shape cost around sgd60 for a pair. 
Link : 

Ingredient : 
Latex-free Hydrophilic Polyurethane

so here is my another half . haha 

How to use BeautyBlender 
Dampen Beautyblender before use.
In dotting motions, apply Beautyblender on your makeup and then onto your face. This stippling technique allows for makeup to be applied without drastically changing your skin tone or texture.
Use Beautyblender's wider side to help blend concealers, foundation, primers and blushes; while its pointed end assists you in applying makeup at hard-to-reach areas, such your along the corners of your eyes, nose and mouth.
Wash after use with mild soap and water. Squeeze and air-dry on the insert pedestal that comes delivered with it, in cool and dry place. Beautyblender should not come in contact with extreme heat of any kind.

after soak with water the sponge is double size up 
(look at the size of the packaging at the bottom)

and done! dip some foundation on it and we are good to go~ 

second product I'm gonna review is 

Yves Saint Laurent LATEST Fusion Ink Foundation !!!! 
Sold out everywhere now ! 
Luckily I went to Bangkok and managed to grabbed one for myself . 
Price was at around RM280 (yes , very expensive but it worth every penny) 
as for my friend , her shades all sold out in Bangkok and Singapore outlet.

What it is:
A revolutionary, fine-as-ink foundation with broad spectrum SPF 18 that perfects the skin while it wears weightlessly for 24 hours. 

What it does:
Get all-day comfort, broad spectrum sun protection, and a soft-matte finish with this featherweight foundation that suits every skin type. Its innovative hybrid stain technology provides a lightweight yet high-coverage formula, and its exclusive extendable polymers offer buildable coverage that lasts for a flawless finish. 

Special sweat and sebum-controlling agents allow for 24-hour of coverage—even through humidity or heat, and its sensorial and volatile dry oil complex allows it to set in seconds. Formulated with pure-micro-coated pigments, it delivers lasting, radiant color, and the face-zoning applicator allows you to perfectly apply it to the face for precise, easy-to-use application that’s never cakey or heavy. 

What else you need to know:
This product is an Allure Best of Beauty winner

Copy from Sephora :

love the classic gold colour & superb quality bottle *_* 

came with a small cap to seal it .
This is NOT an ordinary foundation in the market . You'll love it! 

Suggested Usage:
-Shake well. Wipe off excess on the side of the bottle. 
-Zone the face with swipes of the applicator. 
-Blend formula with fingertips. Repeat for medium coverage, or repeat two times for full coverage.

instantly became powdery texture

I just use the beauty blender dip my fusion ink and dap it gently all over my face ,
the sponge giving me a cool water sensation , very very comfortable . 

half face done! can you see how even ? can you see how thin is the foundation? 
can you see the natural glow?? the coverage??

I'll give everything A ! 

there you go, every readers like to see my before & after picture . haha
cause you can see how big different it is! 

the fusion ink foundation gave me a very very very thin-weightless-matte-natural finish!!! 
you'll just couldn't stop touching your face and ask yourself 
'is this my skin?!' 
I dare you, you try it out !!! 

no matter what skin type you're, 
oily skin , dehydrate skin, combination skin, this foundation is watery yet moisturise . 
but dint leave ANY stickiness and thickness . 

I dare you, try it out !!! Don't miss this awesome foundation! 
if have budget go for the BeautyBlender too! 
this set make the BEST COMBO ever ! 

i just love love love love the texture of the foundation !!!! 

sorry for my selfie's combo. I just couldn't help it x_x 

ok, enough.LOL 

Hope you enjoy my review! 


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  1. RM 280?? but the foundation works well on your skin, did the price same if bought at malaysia?