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Friday, 27 March 2015

Always Be positive and SMILE

Hi ladies & gentleman!

Have you ever been in an awkward situation and you didn't know what to do? 

I did!! LOTS of times!!

Here is a short 3minutes video and a painting I made for this contest , 
Hope you enjoy  it ! 

Of all, the most memorable would be this one.

Last year, a famous cosmetic brand invited me to their Mid Valley branch opening,
I was new to blogging and bloggers/media event. However,  as a blogger of course I had dressed up myself presentably, set my hair nicely and make up nicely. So here I am, at the event .

the decoration was so pretty & they had prepared lots of mini games for us too! 

During the event, the emcee announced that they need 3 volunteers to play a game. I excitedly raised my hand and I thought that it should be some simple game which I could handle.

the emcee took out an apple with a satay stick on it , 
and the game was 
'The biggest bite in 60 seconds win'  

The rule was simple,
it means we have to bite the apple within 60 seconds
and the one with the biggest bite wins.

these 2 bloggers did an awesome job and they have managed to bite the apple very fast .

for me.... 

Due to my crooked teeth , no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't , 
I even used up all my strength to try to bite it , ended up the satay stick broke into half 
and the apple fell on the floor  !!!! 

The situation was extremely awkward and embarrassing because every one was looking at me, 
even the emcee was in shocked and he said sorry that I had failed the task . 

I was really embarrassed but I still I gave everyone a bright smile and says it's okay , it's just a game . 
surprisingly, everyone smiled back at me and it gave me the feeling that they were trying to say
 ' girl you did great out there '

* one of the winner apple *
picture credit to Benefit Malaysia 

for everyone out there, remember to smile no matter how awkward the situation is,
 because that's the best way to neutralise the situation .

 I always wish I could smile like others people. it was supposed to be a happy and exciting moment , but I just didn't have the confident due to my crooked teeth . no matter how happy or how exciting 
the situation is, I'd just smile with my lips closed.

Altho the game didn't end well but I did enjoy the event ! 

Lastly ,

I really really wish I could smile with wide mouth open with perfect straightened teeth even just once with this great opportunity from Nuffnang Malaysia & Invisalign Malaysia .

Always be positive and SMILE ~  ! !



  1. Nice entry! I really enjoy your story! Hopefully we can be the winners :)

    1. Hi dear nadhilah, Thanks ! Hope we can be winners too :D

  2. Congrats, babe! your post is so great, got video smmre! :o Can't wait for straight teeth! <3

    1. Thanks babe!!!! Congratulations to you too!!! :D see you very soon!

  3. congratulations.You are so beautiful!