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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Iqueen wrapping mask ex REVIEW The NEW concept mask from Korea

Hello ladies! 

Sorry for MIA(missing in action) for almost 2 weeks because a new born baby is in the house yo! 
actually I took all this picture's almost a month ago, but not time to edit :( 

Thanks to and I had a chance to try out this special mask from Korea.

What is IQueen Wrapping Mask EX? 
IQueen Wrapping Mask EX is specially formulated facial mask, 
It is a peel off type mask, film and gel with water. New concept mask of skin adhesive film.

- Anti Wrinkle
- Whitening
- Pore Tightening
-Remove Powderly Dust 

1 box contains 5 pcs masks

each of the mask came with Step 1 & Step 2. 

Step 1 : Power Lifting Serum (7g) 
The serum is kinda thick but absorb very fast into my skin. I don't feel any lifting or tighten yet. 

1, Apply the serum evenly on the face (use 1.5g ONLY!) 

But, how do I know i get the correct g? 
so I just agak-agak la 
I dint read the description properly and I apply ALL on step 1 -_-'' 
so I have to open another mask to get the serum for the following step. 

Step 2 : Adhere the film onto the face

I thought it was a normal cotton mask or what. 
When I open I was shocked ! 
why there's a booklet in it?! 
where is my mask? 

the mask is in the booklet ... 

the material is something I never seen nor touch before! 
I doesn't know how to describe the texture , very thin, very light , something like plastic?

with a small tiny little holes on it 

Step 2 : Apply the rest of the serum evenly on the soluble film (use 5.5g) 
pardon my eye bags, look damn huge here lol

use the remaining serum apply on the film again. 
within few mins magic happened!!! 
I can feel the film is shrinking ! It's so amazing & new to me!

after 20minutes just peel it off from bottom .
Try to tie or pin up every single baby hair you have,
 because if stick into the film is kinda hard to remove. Ouch !


after the film shrunken it become harden and the small holes are gone. 
Incase you're wondering will the mask pull out whiteheads and blackheads as well?
 the answer is no. haha. 

Before & after
I felt my skin is tighten & firmer , but it dint shown in picture. 
I guess the most obvious part is it does clam down my red skin & fairer . 
I guess this mask is more suitable for women who 25yr old and above,  who have wrinkles & big pores. 

hope you like my review! 
thanks for your time ;D


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