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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Philips First gentle cleansing device VisaPure Media /Blogger Launch at Villa Manja Spa KL

Hows your day ladies!
Philips is launching their first beauty device!
Philips is more to hair / kitchen / house devices , but a device for face? 
First ! 
when they sent me invitation I am so happy & can't wait to try it out!
Because I've stopped for using cleansing device for few months, 
clog pores, white heads and black heads are getting more & more...

location : Villa Manja Spa at Jalan Tun Razak 
Time : 6pm till 7.30pm 
they managed the event really really successful , everything started on time, ended on time. 
which I really think it is very important for the time management, and total 8 bloggers are invited, 
all of us reached before the presentation start =D 

Please let me show you what Philips Malaysia is going to launch ! 
are you ready~

sorry for my bad hair day (eventually everyday also bad hair day LOL)
finally a full body picture after 1month of workout. 

with friendly & pretty Aileena , 
thanks for sending me the invitation and all the details ^_^

super relaxing place -Villa Manja Spa 
can you spot there's koi fish underneath? 
Philips Malaysia really manja-ing us, 
before the presentation start they even provide us foot/ shoulder massage *_* 
*Blessed* I love my job seriously T_T
light refreshment , such as some fried rice, pasta, curry puffs , fresh fruit juice & cakes! yums! 

bloggers enjoying foot massage =D

relax & awesome presentation from two beautiful ladies 

when they invited us to this room I am totally surprised! 
how can Philips Malaysia prepared so much for us! 
they pampered us ( 8 bloggers ) like super VVVVIP T_T

the flowers, the tools, the device nicely wrapped 

each blogger have individual beauty assistant and make up artist, 
with my friendly beauty assistant Wenky! <3 
She did a great job on teach me, guide me how to use Visapure correctly 
and also help me took lots of nice picture's XD 

it's my turn to try it on my face!! 
removing all the make ups on my face 

 #le enjoy face. hahaha!! 

totally bare face , face a lot of red dots , lot's of black /white heads / clog pores, 
due to my Pobling ran out of batt & I dint get a new batt for it and few months never use any cleansing device to wash my face, all blocked =x

VisaPure invitation is just in time! 

and my cute make up artist <3 heeee 

and hair stylist to do our hair too!!!! 
with using all philips products! I want them all !! 


Hair stylist Judy is using Philips Ion Straightener
main thing is, 
I swear , SHE NEVER APPLY ANY SINGLE DROPS OF hair serum/ oil whatever on my hair!
is Just only the Ion straightener!!!! 
must buy, must buy, must buy! 

it's only RM139 and I thought it's gonna be over RM200-RM300++


*added into my shopping list*

wait! wait! Out of topic! lol , It suppose to be VisaPure 
after I bought the Philips Ion straightener only write another review for you all la. haha

Before & After pamper service from Philips! 
ok, from an aunty became a young girl ! Just the difference of make up and hair do! 
I can consider change my hair line to left already. Instead of forever right side. LOL

weee!!!! Thanks for all the great services philips Malaysia! 

I'll blog about unbox VisaPure very soon ! 
Stay Tune for all the exciting function from Visapure~ 

surround by all pretty & friendly girl ! 
*guys heaven* 
they asked me to sit in the middle, I'm like a queen or lady boss here. *so paiseh* >_< 
Introducing Philips Malaysia Girl Group!
Korean= K-pop,  Malaysia = M-pop 
ok, it sounds lame. 
anyway, it's a great honour to participate this launching , 
Hope more to come! 


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