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Monday, 6 April 2015

REVIEW - Poreless acne fighter natural mask by THE CANDY SKIN

Hi ladies! 

Today I'm gonna review on this cute pore less acne fighter natural mask by 
The Candy Skin ! 


Recently my hormone changed and my skin conditions is getting better and better , 
but still redness & pores is still the same, redness is due to my face skin is very thin and pores is due to last time have any knowledge on skin care so my pores getting bigger & bigger : / 

still looking for products to make my pores smaller ,
here I received this Natural mask from my friend,  one of the founder of TheCandySkin ,
the mask came with a super cute pink packaging, it just like a dessert! 

Product Story 
Natural mask is a great idea helps tighten pores, firmer and smoothen skin, as well as reduce acne, acne scars, redness and less breakouts . The clay powder is naturally found and organically mined from ancient deposits deep within the atlas mountains . This extraordinary mineral-rich clay is extracted n large clods, then it gets washed, sun-dried and micronised into a smooth powder. 

*came with a spoon! so cute!!! * 

A great mask is an integral part to any good skincare routine. Face masks help to rejuvenate , detoxify , draw out impurities, accelerate cell renewal, righten, hydrate , smooth and soften skin. With regular use, face masks leave skin glowing and looking its best. Thecandyskin formulated this great natural face max, filled with high-quality ingredients to get the job done. 

the powder is really really fine & smell is just like a natural herbs , 

Ready all the tools you need :
-mask bowl , brush , purifying water / toner 
OR Thecandyskin Rosey Dream mist to have a great effect.  

Scoop 2 or 3 spoons for mask. You may adjust the amount of the size you need. 

*Professional skincare tips : 
IF you have dry skin, add a tablespoon honey or moisturiser, stir well.
IF you have oily skin, you may add a few more drops of lemon instead. 

For me I will use my toner to replace tap water and mix with the powder, it helps smoothen my skin! 

Stir and mix well then put on your face. Leace it for 10-15min, 
spray some mist if you want the mask stay longer. 

After applying this mask, your face will become tighten, amazing whitened, pore less, good oil balancing. It is great to match with their brightening serum. 

Bonus tips : 
after deep cleansing mask you can use cotton pad soak with your toner and leave it for the area that you concern for 10minutes OR apply another sheet of moisturise mask , 
this step will helps your skin more radiant and moisturise !
This is what I'm always do after deep cleansing mask, very Effective ! 
Try it and you'll love it for sure!  

after the mask redness reduced and gave me a very refreshing feels , as for pores tighten I don't think so fast can see the result yet, maybe need to apply few more times :) 

Looking for natural poreless & acne mask you can try this :) 
suitable for pregnant & sensitive skin too! Because it is very gentle and using all natural ingredient . 

Hope you like my review! 


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  1. babe I cannot even see pores on yr face ;P you don't have big pores. hehe :D