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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Asiatique Market The RiverFront Bangkok - The awesome night market

Hi ladies & gentleman! 
I believe everyone loves Bangkok!!! 
This was my second trip to Bangkok, with full of excitement and all well prepared! 
mini fan is a MUST ! Bangkok is a warm country, just wear singlet , short pants , sun glasses , wet tissues , backpack and most importantly , a big recycle bag to put all your loots HEHE ! 

this market is slightly different with Jatuchak weekend market, this is slightly more 'high-class' ,
everything is well decorate , clean and relax to walk around. 

( picture credited to )


full of nice environment western restaurant but customers most of it would be ang mo's  

this is the first shop that caught my attention! full with Japan Harakuju street style fashion,
color most in pastel color ! 

I guess it's a bit too cute for my age XD

cute accessories , socks , hat , clothes you name it, they have it 

hello there Elmo! 

Oh La La ! 
simple interior design, same like their wooden handmade ring / necklace . 
suitable for who like simple design! 

Vamp up design 
selling all kind of leather handmade notebook / wallet / purse / keychain etc 
you can customise your own name on it too! 
price wise not cheap :/  But quality is good! 

*although it was a fake one : X * 

you can customise your own bread, jam, sausage too! 

Island Girl 
their dress all lace + white colour , suitable for beach don't you think so! 
I bought the right side dress on mannequin, it was the last piece >.< 
price : RM70  

their unisex bag is very pretty & simple too! I like the middle one , light brown :D
one of the good choice to gift for him too . 

selling all kind of accessories and dress, but I dint go in because there's much more shops that attract me just right in front :P 

looking for glam dress/clothing? 
this shop only sell black & white , personally I kinda like the long lace skirt :D  The quality is superb! 

The eye of Asiatique market 
you can ride it as long as you pay, it was 50bath for 1 ride. 

more designers clothing ! 

anyone dare to wear this in Malaysia?  :P 

Me looking at the BIG map, we went there for 4 hours plus, I think we only managed to shop not even half of the map. 

Fasination of scent 
this shop selling all handmade soaps , lotions, mist , cleanser , toners , shower gel etc

this is so cute! 

I bought their Rose water facial mist (390 baht around RM40+ ) alcohol free ,
Unique red rose that clams and tones your face for radiances and healthy results, simply spray over face for refreshing touch.  
all the ingredient is natural extract . 
I put it in my office table, every 2 to 3 hours spray it on my face, 
very refreshing and keep my skin moisturise ! 
I'm gonna buy another few bottles back to Malaysia on my next bangkok trip.

bought some natural aroma hot balm for my friends too 

all the bags is so unique ! available in many different sizes & designs! 

I believe this is one of the shop owner puppy, super cute & it just sit still there let us take picture! 
I've noticed puppy's from Bangkok is so well trained ! 
well, at least from what I've meet . lol 

and there is a small shop selling Meiji collagen drink 0_0 
just like normal shops that selling drinks :O 


sadly the picture a bit blurry T_T 
it was soooo yummy and crispy ! Definitely must try this in bangkok! 

this shop ... is AWESOME !!!! 
lace lovers , vintage lovers , tutu skirt lovers , feminine dress up lovers, 
pearl lovers , this is a shop that you definitely cannot miss it !!!! 
I am so amazed by Thailand designer,  every dress they design it and sew it, 
basically is only one in the world 0_0 

STRONGLY suggest who're looking for unique bridal dress or unique party dress, 
this is a place that you can spend over an hour. 

dress price range is RM300- RM600++ 
the price was reasonable , the material, the design is superb , if in Malaysia I think definitely gonna sell over RM1000 & above :x 

look at the accessories *_* 
there must be something you can find in this shop! 
everything is so vintage *gasp* 

remember visit asiatique market during your bangkok trip !!!! 



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