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Friday, 22 May 2015

Invisalign contest

Hi everyone ! 

As you know I've won the Invisalign contest & be a part of Ambassador Invisalign Malaysia. 
for this contest I've prepared for almost a month of time for Ideas, planning , story etc. 
I am so blessed with good friends around me, give me ideas and support me. 
Thank you ! 
For this contest I've made total 3 blogpost. 
The topic is :

''your most memorable story in which you managed to escape an embarrassing moment/crisis with a bright smile''

just incase you wanna read about it and here is the link for it 
Blogpost 1 : 

Blogpost 2 : 

Blogpost 3: 

Here is just a small part of my ideas and sketching. 

this was my first time using such big tripod and heavy DSLR to record my painting . 

It was hot and bright because of the BIG studio light , my face is going to have sunburn soon. lol
after that need to copy the video to my laptop, edit , cut and next need to record my voice and lastly upload to youtube and blog about it. Look easy sound easy but not easy hahaha. 
It took me 2 days to complete it but the result is satisfied =) 

Finally! the day has come, the result day! 

I was watching Fast & Furious 7 alone in Mid vally. 
and I received a msg from Nuffnang that I've won the contest! 
I'm so so so so so happy and almost want to scream and cry in the cinema ! 
but...I dint la of course, later strangers thought I'm crazy . 
The first thing is call to my family and friends! 

and finally Nuffnang called us and arranged a date for the 3 of us to meet the PR from Invisalign Malaysia . Her name is Valerie too, she's very friendly , professional and helpful . 

the happy 3 of us ! 
Fadzi , Carinn and me! 

Thanks for choosing us and give us a great opportunities to enjoy Invisalign ! 
For readers who would like to follow my Invisalign progress , I will upload them here and also My Instagram : Valerieyan7

I'll be using this Hashtag #ValerieyanInvisalign  too! 

Thanks Invisalign Malaysia for making my dream came true :) 


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