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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

EverSoft Skinz UVwhite blogger launching event and review

Hi ladies! 
How's your day :) 

Today I'm gonna blog about EverSoft Skinz NEW range of Skin care UV white !
thanks Eversoft for the invitation

so, here we are , at Ativo Plaza , RONDAEVOO restaurant . 

After we registered we're very surprised , they've already prepared every things on every tables every seats. including a full range of UV white products , a mirror, towel , hair clips,  hair ban even a bowl of water for us to wash our face. That's really heart warming :') 

so here is my table, my documents provided by Eversoft Skinz Msia
me and Janice managed to grab a front row seat because we reach quite early =D  

enjoying my breakfast sandwich in a comfortable place 

lately she always attend with me together, her name is Janice
do visit her blog to show some support yea ^_^ 

Cheesie why you so pretty ! face so small and sharp, totally no need photoshop Q_Q 

Total 9 products from UV white Series 
from left to right 

-Purifying Facial Foam RM14.90
-Youth Recall Deep Action Micro Cleansing Oil (not under UVwhite series)  RM20.90
-Purifying Facial Scrub RM14.90
-Instant Radiance Rinse-Off Face Mask RM16.90
-Miracle Blackhead Exfoliator RM20.90
-Clarifying Toner RM16.90
- Intense Whitening Serum  RM39.90
-Intensive Night Moisturiser RM32.90 
-Whitening Day Moisturiser with SPF20PA ++  RM32.90
- BB cream with SPF30PA++  RM42.90 

Among all the 10 products I'll pick my favourite one's to show you all 

-Whitening Day Moisturiser with SPF20PA ++ 
I don't really see much moisturiser in the market now came with SPF20PA + 
which enough for our daily sun protect. 
for busy people like us now this combination is definitely a bonus point. 
texture is creamy & rich , but I guess is more suitable for people who with dry to normal skin. 
for oily skin maybe just a very thin layer is enough. 

-Intensive Night Moisturiser 
Creamy & rich as well, suitable for dry, normal , oily , combination skin. 
I'll put a thick layer before sleep. The next day your skin will 'poing poing * very bouncy and smooth. 

highly recommend this! UVwhite BB cream with SPF30PA++  
Lately I've used a soap called 'GAMILA Secret ' 
Sadly it no longer available in Malaysia anymore, Last time it available in The gardens & Sunway Pyramid. Went to find their counter last few weeks by no longer available . 
Nearest you can get is from Singapore, Gamila Secret first month will helps us detox all the problem, so my face is full with pimples , BIG pimples omg T_T especially jaw area. 
I barely use foundation/ bb cream on my face now, wanna let them recover first . 
Until Janice told me the BB cream is very nice & very light . 
so I went back home and try. 
Surprisingly , yes! It is very very nice to blend on our skin, the texture is soooo light !  
BB cream is suitable for every skin tone too 

Please remember remember remember to put on sun screen once you step out from your house,
especially if you're driving to somewhere else. Under the hot sun and the UV is really harm our skin. 
Pigments it wouldn't show out immediately, actually it is slowly growing under your skin, 
maybe few years later it'll appear and there is NOTHING or VERY VERY hard to make it fade or disappear . 
remember that girls :) 

super super easy to blend & the texture is very smooth 

lighten my skin tone 
Price - Good
Correct skin tone - Good 
Moisturise - Good 
Coverage - Normal 
Smell - Normal 
the next one I like is this Youth Recall Deep Action Micro Cleansing Oil 
suitable for every skin type 

1. Dispense 3 - 4 pumps of cleansing oil onto dry hands. Gently apply and smooth all over dry face. 2. Wet face with a few drops of water and gently rub to emulsify cleansing oil. Rinse off thoroughly. 3. Move on to complete double cleansing process. 

It gave me refreshing and clean feelings after the oil make up remover . 

I guess this set is great for girls who want a fair skin , but for oily skin I don't really recommend it. 
it's great for Dry to Normal skin :) 
and I think this set is really great for your mother! Especially mom that always have to go pasar, fetch you/ your brothers sisters to school, tuition etc. They need this set :) 

Hope you like my review ! 



  1. niceee! so good get to try out all their products! =D

  2. The celery we had at events in New York was in good shape, not wilted even though it was a bit skimpy and a slaw resided underneath all the wings, an interesting twist.