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Monday, 15 September 2014

Taobao delicate jewellery hunt part ONE

After a workout post , today I'm sharing how to hunt and where to get nice , affordable , delicate jewellery from !!! 
I'm a super super super taobao lover, almost everyday have to go there and check is there any new items , nice clothes , nice shoes , what also see see. 
yes, it's a chinese website, if you can't read mandarin, maybe you can ask your friend to help. 
or, easiest , ask taobao agent to help. there's a lot taobao agent in Malaysia, just google and you'll found. but be careful of scammers. Look and research before you drop your order to them. 
taobao agent will help you purchase and pay for you once you gave them the link of your items. 
and around 2 or 3 weeks it will ship to your doorstep. 
as easy as that 

so! Let's get started! 
I bought a lot accessories from Taobao , 
ring, necklace , hair decoration , bracelet etc etc 
Taobao is a super great place to shops for cheap things. 
cheap until your jaw drop. 
BUT, there's always a risk on buying cheap items, the quality. 
if you pay for RM5 for a ring, please don't expect it gonna be like RM500's quality.
If you really like the design of the ring, buy few more to keep it. 

but there's still some good quality and unique design shops 
I will share two of my favourite shops here, 
I bought a lot a lot things from them , unique design, nice packaging, nice customer service , quick & efficient. 
best of all, affordable. 
well not as cheap as RM5 for each la, 
price range is RM40-RM100 ++ 
but with tiptop quality 

I always adore Agete , a famous brand from Japan. 
only available in Japan, Shanghai and Taiwan. 
their design is super super super pretty , super super tiny and the details is jaw drop 
went to shanghai Agete counter, the price is jaw drop too. 
wtf, Japan 1 ring only selling RM400-RM600 + , same ring, Shanghai selling almost double price! 
I'd rather buy some replica one =X 
IF i got chance to go Japan only buy la. 

so now #LetMeTaobaoFirst 

Link : 
Price in RM : 
around RM60
this ring toooooo pretty !!! 
I dare not wear it out! because too pretty T.T

look at the details my god! 
the design is so vintage, classy & unique! 
I don't see it from any jewellery shop in Malaysia yet.

Link : 
Price in RM : 
this ring is suitable for stylish wear or casual wear, 
it looks stylish for me thou o.o 

Link : 
Price in RM : 
RM 15

*Flip table*  
*put back the table*

Available in rose gold , gold and silver.
available in different size too. mine was size 10. 
if you want to wear it on pointer you can get size 14. 

this design is simple & you basically can easily found it in Malaysia shops, 
but price wise....hmmm  XD 
all the tiny diamonds is super bling & shiny, 
but sadly my camera couldn't capture it . 

it look really nice in real life. 


MY FAVOURITE!!!!! GAHHHHHH!!! @#@$@#@#!#@$# !!!!! 
available in 2 colours, 
the flower either Pink or white (transparent) 
mine is white, now planning to get a white one. because it is just tooooo pretty!!! 
Pink colour is just like sakura <3 
the crystal /diamond (whatever) is so shinny! 

can you see how pretty it is!!! 

lai lai lai, group photo. LOL. overall look.
actually now a lot korean / taiwanese young girl like to wear a lot rings on their fingers, 
they call it ‘手指很忙’ (busy fingers), I like to wear a lot rings now too =P
a simple Tee, jeans , small handbag , with lots of rings. nice!

Just some simple awkward pose with the rings, Never pose with jewellery before. 
Need more confident -_-'' 

anyway! the links I've provided they have plenty's more pretty & affordable delicate unique design rings and others accessories ^_^

who said you can get good things in cheap price ? 
you just have to be smart :) 

Hope you enjoy my post ! 


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