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Saturday, 13 September 2014

1 month abs workout challenge

This gonna be a long post with full of my abs pictures. LOL

There's a lot of people ask and request mt to blog about how do I get my abs done within a short period , so here it is as promised, After a month of training/workout . 

so here is my god damn weight from the beginning , 51.6kg for 159cm... seriously?! 
last few months was 53-54kg wtf.

I wish I can get back to my previous weight, 45kg? lol , I know it sounds kinda impossible and it takes time. 5 years ago my weight was 39.5kg *clap for myself-.-*

I am tiny, I look tiny, a lot people doesn't believe I'm 51.6k, I'm not sure about it too. 
Tried to diet for few times, but after diet few days will forget about it. haha.
where did I get my motivations? 
that's a good question from my reader, 
Due to last month something happened in my life, sad, disappointed, angry, hopeless, lost .
I doesn't know what else I can do , 
  do something else to let me stop thinking about it,
so I just Start my workout journey, give myself a month and see how far I can go. 

Day One

*out of topic*
I'm a super music lover, music freak ! I can't live without music ! 
this Sony Sport MP3 IS AWESOME for workout!! 
I bought this at RM299 from Harvey Norman, with 4gb built in memory. 
available in white, black, hotpink+black , blue + black . 
and I just get white. because black out of stock. lol 
you can wear it while running / jogging / sit ups whatever , it won't drop . 
best of all, it is waterproof ! You can even wear this while swimming. 
 I don't swim, but while we workout we definitely sweat a lot right, 
well I guess waterproof this function is good enough for us. 

so here is my workout daily routine

you may refer to this link for clearer movement 
I just follow everything she did
Total 9 moves in a set,  2 -3 sets daily. 
I'll additional do 1 minutes plank, after complete each set. 
so total 3 minuts planks .
after that I will do 
jog/run for 1000steps , if I still got time and not really tired I'll do another 200 skipping rope. 

maybe I sounds little confused 
here's a clearer and simpler explanation , 
warm up > 1 set > 1 minute plank > 1set > 1 minute plank > 1 set > 1 minute plank > 
jog 1000steps > skip rope . until you think is enough for the day. 

the Link I provided it said's every move do at least 15, maximum 25. 
now I do it 30, my abs already used to muscles pain. so, I make it 30 each. 

Move no 1,  this is easy .  just hold 1 of your leg tight and don't let another leg touch the floor. 
move no2, look easy, but not really. your leg is kinda tired after 1st set. 
move no 3, this one is hard, do it quick is easier, if you do it slow you can feel your abs is actually starting to pain. 
move no4, HARDEST . Sit Up leh, on the first week i can only barely managed do 10 sit ups (sucks) 
now I can do at least 80 in a shoot. and now I 'upgraded' my sit up into put my hands behind my head. 
believe me, that's super painful and tiring. Don't do it if you just started your abs training journey. 
Move no 5, after the HARDEST sit up, WOOHOO, this was the easiest !!!
normally I'll do 60-70times. because it is easy and I'll check my phone.
Move no6, this is actually almost same with no 3, do it quick is easier.

Move no7, I'll bend down my leg really low for more effective . look easy too, but you can feel 
your both legs is starting to pain.
Move no8, not easy but still acceptable. Look kinda funny, kinda look like a fish accidentally jump to the ground and desperately seeking  for water. pfffftttt

Move no9, easy.

this is plank. Just incase you don't know >.<

Every morning I ate 1 or 2 hard boil eggs, lunch is a little bit rice with meat/vege. 
dinner is a little bit of rice with meat/vege. 
no junk foods (well, sometimes yes, but just a little bit biscuits . LOL)
no supper .

so here is some picture's of my abs after workout for 1month.

before and after 1 month. 
My waist obviously smaller, firmer, and my mini tiny 6packs .
If you see my tummy in real life my abs is not that obvious, because of the light perhaps? haha

my waist is much more smaller.
no more tummy bump 
no photoshop

wear crop top / body hugging top / dress with confident! 

yeepee =x 

I sleep really well after I started my workout. Because super tired after workout. 
I guess who doesn't sleep well every night can try to exercise too :) 
there's a lot of readers / friends asked how I workout during this few weeks and some of them said I'm their motivation, I'm just a beginner, there's a lot more Shi fu's out there, 
I'm just sharing my very very beginner basics knowledge here. 
I'm totally fell in love with workout now. 

If you ask me izzit hard? 
Good thing never come easy ! 

So yea, if you have any questions feel free to comments at below, I'll reply once I'm free ^_^ 

Hope you can get a nice abs too! 


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  1. Thanks for sharing. Very informative! I wanna have nice abs too! ^◡^

  2. Wow, I am trying to get some abs too but it is super hard to diet. How do you resist the temptations? I love to eat and it is such a torture trying not to eat so much.

    1. Hihi ! Hmm, I just wanna see how far I can go, I still eat some heavy cheese burger sometimes, maybe once in a month? I'm a super cheese lover , yes it is hard to resist all the temptations, but I need to stop eating so much if I wanna wear nice body hugging dress with confident :) sometimes I feel giving up too, but I told myself, IF other's people can, I can ;)
      all the best dear! do feel free to drop me any comments or email if you need any help ^_^

  3. You look absolutely stunning, Valerie! It's fantastic to see transformations after a period of internse hardcore (quite literally) workouts. ^^
    I myself would like to get back into my previous figure. Let's do our best together and hold that plank for 1 minute extra!! ahahah ^^

    xoxo Rin
    Fuurin Diary

    1. Hi dear Rin,
      I wish I could get more obvious abs within a month, it's harder than i thought. It's not easy :( or maybe I should start to drink protein and my muscles can grow bigger :P still learning .hehe


  4. Hi Valerie, may i know how much weight did u loose? cus im trying to shed off 6kg lol!

    1. Hi ! i only managed to shed off around 2kg T_T My target is 45kg. but if you wanna build muscles you still need to eat, but not so much. Have to control well :) diet is faster, but it's not healthy. Exercise is slower, but healthy. lol . My weight is between 49-50 kg now, but waist is much more smaller now, all the fats turning to muscles and firmer , that's why my weight dint drop much :) Hope it helps!

  5. Thanks for the exercise tips and photos. Gonna try this with my skinny mint. You have nice abs! Didn't see much about skinny mint though :) thanks and this was helpful.

  6. Hi Valerie, Good Job and well done to ur nice abs...^^
    I would like to ask, did you perform this exercise everyday?