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Friday, 5 September 2014

G-factory Baby-G model BGA130 in Pastel Blue and Hot Pink REVIEW


Today is my FIRST watch review 0_0 
there's more 'FIRST' time is on the way! 

I like Baby -G watch, I like big and sporty watch,  back in the few fews when I'm still in collage, 
I've bought O.D.M watch, i believed most of you had heard about it before, 
is like a sporty bracelet with neon light numbers in Hot Pink colour .
very nice to match !
 simple tee, jeans with that sharp colour watch it'll make your entire look stands out. 
look very 'fashion', for me la ... =P

 I got mine from petaling street =X 
fake one at around RM50. Original was RM350-rm390 around that. 
well, you know...student ma...where got so much money to buy original...
but hor can last up to 1 or 2 years lei! Not bad lo! =X
but in end still spoiled la, ended up bought a white colour, who knows spoiled in a week. 
gek sei ngor ahhhh!!!!!

so...after graduated went to Singapore with friend , in duno what shopping mall I spotted this baby-G watch in baby blue colour , selling at SGD185 if not wrong.
i NEVER seen such cute colour and cute 3D numbers design from a sporty watch before! 
it is sweet , cute & stylish *_* 
and Kevin bought it for me! 
It's been 3 or 4 years ago, my baby blue Baby G still works perfectly fine. 
colour never change to yellowish or faded. 

so last week I just mumbling and asked around my fb friends ,
 I said I wanna get a Hot Pink one next time, because I know it's kinda hard to find this model 
currently, because everywhere sold out last time, or some people even sell higher price .

when I got back home I saw this G-factory paper bag is on my bed!!! 
and I open it and saw the hot pink colour baby G >_< 
thanks hub! 

Price of this watch is around RM350 . 
you can get it from any G-shock shop 

Pavillion - tokyo street 
Mid Valley top floor 

facebook G-shock Malaysia 

*next target is whole black /whole white * =P
The semi transparent is latest series. 
I don't really fancy it :P

in a cute metal box

tada, hello baby <3 

the numbers are in 3D. Have you notice number 2 actually is a heart ? 
awww, perfect for valentine gift guys!!! 

another thing I like from this watch is the light!! 
so colourful! I always like to press light on while I'm bored and enjoy looking at in. lol 

So this is my 3 or 4 years old pastel blue baby G.
I don't really take good care of it, but the condition / colour is still perfectly fine like brand new. 
good job baby-g ! 

compared to hot pink , the light of this one is slightly plain, is just yellow-greenish light,not as fancy as hot pink . 
but is nice also, simple ~ 

2 of my babies 

Hot Pink

Baby Blue 

Here is just some of my OOTD match with my Baby-G watch. 
Just a simple references for you all. 

no matter casual wear / formal wear / anyhow wear also look nice with this watch! 
love it so much! 

Hope you like my first swatch review =3 


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