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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Sasa First Life Style Concept Store in Sunway Pyramid Grand Opening

Today I'm going to announce a very very exciting news to you all!!! 

First of all, Thanks Nuffnang & Sasa invited me as a blogger/media for this special grand opening! 

Sasa opened a brand new FIRST LIFE STYLE concept store in Malaysia !! 

located in Sunway Pyramid Shopping mall ~! 

today they not only selling make up and skin care products ! 

Services they provided 

-Facial Treatment 
-Express make up services 
-make up consultation 
- skin care consultation 

how great!!!

with all the media's and bloggers from Nuffnang :3 

*my fav picture of the day* 
so dreamy & pastel colour XD

'an exclusive sneak preview for media & bloggers' 
awww <3 Thank you Sasa

Sasa first life style concept store is SO HUGE !!! the interior design is different from 
previous Sasa store, now it became more stylish, high-class, and all the big brands have individual 
stand alone design. 

Have you heard of ArtDeco? 

ARTDECO combines numerous collections into one integrated concept and due to this, is unique in the market from Germany . 
ARTDECO stands for individuality that the consumer demands from a premium retailer just as much as the exclusivity of high-priced international brands.
what interesting is , Artdeco eye palate you can choose the colour you like and form it into a personalise palate for your own. how great is that! Save money, save time , save space!!! 
also, Sasa Life Style concept store is the FIRST store that you can Artdeco products in Malaysia!
Remember check it out girls ! 

lots & lots of famous brand perfume <3 
My favourite- Ralph Lauren & Anna Sui 

-The Balm 
very cute ,western & vintage packaging design 

Kiss Me!!! 
I believed every girl around my age, 
18-30yr old should know this famous Japan Cosmetic Brand right? 
now they're available in Sasa Life Style concept store too! 

they prepared some pretty mirror, pretty chair, pretty lamp, 
for us to take selfie izzit? hahaha!
So pretty! must take some pictures! 

look at the candy/dessert decoration *_* 
How prettyyyyyyyy >_< 
*scream non stop*

with my cute & yummy caramel pop corn 

sasa cup cakessss 

to be very honest, I've tried a lot of cake pop / finger food / dessert from different event,
but I must say, this is THE BEST CAKE POP so far ! 
not too sweet, just nice! 

and there's a party kick start performance , 
3 pretty girls wearing Sasa pink colour dress,  the middle one with special dress XD
look at all the products on her dress , so cute & creative ! 

First, Let us take a selfie! So glad to meet both of them after so long! 

and soon, make up demo from ArtDeco & Cyber colours

2 gorgeous lady ,  standing one is Make up artist of Cyber colours,
sitting one is model of the day. I like their brow so much, they kinda look like sister right? lol
This make up gave me a very strong & feminine impression. 
not much eyeshadow, to create this look , you need a strong & sharp brow ,
simple eyeliner, mascara, false eyelashes, darker colour lip stick and contour. 
it sounds easy, but not really, especially the brow, have to be very accurate. 
but as long as practise more, you can create this look too :) 

personally I think this make up suitable for office lady, to show your confident and strong identity.  

and this pretty model is from ArtDeco, 
make up artist is showing us how to create a smokey eye match with a red lip. 
I like this make up too, I guess most of us can handle this makeup, 
for artdeco , they're more focus on eyeshadow, highlight and nice red lip shape.
personally I think this make up is suitable for dinner / ballroom / events.
your red lip lips will stands out from the crowd .

group photo's of two pretty models and two talented make up artist 

Suisse Programme was founded in 1996 by a group of biologists, chemists and cosmetologists aiming at the creation of a new concept in Swiss made skincare treatment products. Dedicated to provide the best skincare products with the most advanced technology, originated and successfully developed in Switzerland, Suisse Programme has proven its excellence since the launch of the brand’s original range – the Silver Line in 1997 with the discovery of the advanced purifying formulation based on cellular research.

Mini bathtub!!! so cute !!! 
*yes I know I said a lot of times, but I can't help it >.<*

Canmake from Japan! every girl can effort canmake! 
lena fuji is using their products too! 
must try their blush, lip essence & brow marker (I bought it! will review soon) !
price range from RM20-RM50++ only

jeng jeng~ Dolly Wink !  also a famous Japan brand, 
especially their eyelashes & eyeliner ! 

I already used 3 bottles of this Hatomugi skin conditioner !!
super gentle , affordable and effective ! 
Before I visit Sasa, I ordered it from overseas! Due to very heavy and huge , the international postage is super expensive, almost RM40++ per bottle. 
and yesterday I saw Sasa selling!!! and under 20% discount promotions!! only RM23.20 each !!! 

trust me, this is totally worth your money. RM23.20 for 500ML . where to find. lol 
you can use it as toner OR as a DIY mask! 
there's 2 way to DIY mask, 
- You can get a plain mask (usually they sell in a pack, Sasa is selling too) you just put the empty dry mask into a small cap, and pour lots of lots of hatomugi skin conditioner in, after all absorb just put it on your face for 15mins
-Easiest way, get 4 pcs of facial cotton , pour this conditioner into the facial cotton and apply 1 on your forehead, 1 on right cheek, 1 on left cheek and last one on your jaw for 15mins too.

you can see the difference before and after 15mins. Instantly became fairer and softer ! 
this conditioner is super gentle and mild. even sensitive skin / dry /oily /acne skin also can use! 
the best is it does not contain ANY alcohol ! few times i pour too much on my face and went into my eyes, totally just like normal water. no pain or itchy at all. 

was thinking how many bottles should I get XD

posing for the camera 

with Emcee of the day, Belinda!! 
this was my second time meet her in real life, always so friendly and nice <3

heeheeheehee!! look at my loots 

My purchase ! 
will blog/ review them soon! 'soon'...I mean after clear all my undone list first >_< 

Look who is the happy girl !!!! 
*can I jump & scream? XD*


with friendly & cute  Jack from Nuffnang

Friendly & pretty Carina from Nuffnang <3 

I really enjoy my day, Thanks Nuffnang and Sasa for giving me this opportunities! 

last picture of myself *^_^*
Hope you enjoy my post! 

any questions please do not hesitate to leave me a comment at below 


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