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Sunday, 7 September 2014

CANMAKE Eyebrow Liquid pen REVIEW


after food post & Baby-G watch post today back to make up review =P

Hope you enjoy the previous post. Lol 

today I'm gonna review this CANMAKE Eyebrow Liquid in colour no.2 

I got this from SASA First Life Style Concept Store @ Sunway Pyramid
*who those who missed it , 
please click the link below for the grand opening of SASA post =) *

Price : RM37.90 

available in 2 colours ,
1 is dark brown and another 1 is slightly light brown colour. 
the one I'm using is Dark Brown 
suitable for dark hair colour . 
unless you have bleached hair /light colour hair , you can get the light brown =)

Simple design 

no .2 . all in Japanese I duno how to read at all , sorry that I can't translate =X

the lid of the pen is just like marker pen, is hard and pointy. Very easy to control . 

it's actually a very light colour of brown, so that you can apply few layers to get the dark colour that you want. I found this is very convenient for beginner, some eyebrow pen in the market is very solid 
color even just 1 stroke. So this is really really good for beginners. 

the colour is very natural, blend with our eyebrow and skin really well.
the texture it just like water-colour? (I know it sounds kinda weird with this description, lol) 
but really! you can use water-colour to imagine the texture of this pen.  

ok, all make up done. I'll never ever leave me eyebrow like that and go out. 
Because I have super super mini, tiny, less, thin,unbalance eyebrow!!!(omg, so many problems)
 you put all the make up so nice but the eyebrow you just leave it like that , very unprofessional lo =X

just like normal marker pen, try to draw the line out. LOL
I know, a lot of you might say eyebrow is too hard to draw, because require kinda a lot of skills,
especially balance @_@ 
trust me, I don't like to draw either, but lately I found that the brow is too important, 
it'll effect your whole entire look. 
just keep practise until you found the shapes that suitable for you. 

tada~ before & after ! 
after eyebrow it look neat, fresh and clean. 




I really really hope they can improve this problem. 
I din't notice it until last few days -_- 
now my pen lid half blocked already T_T 

 my super bad hair day -_-

the good's :
-reasonable price (RM37.90)
-easy to get it (any SASA outlet) 
-easy to control & draw 
-easy to keep 
-easy to remove (warm water will do)

the bad's :
-It'll block your pen lid if you use it after primer / sunblock/ foundation 
-not really waterproof 

Hope you like my canmake eyebrow liquid pen Review~ 
any question's please leave a comment at below ^_^ 
I'll reply once I got time =)
please share it to your friends if you think it's useful ! =D




  1. Awww! You look so cute with short hair, I'm so sorry I just had to say that first! ><

    By the way, great review on the Canmake eyebrow pen! The light pigment per swipe is quite good for beginners as you said but it's a real shame that the pen clogs up. D= Perhaps they can learn a thing or two from the Nars felttip eyeliner. I've drawn that over and over crazy eyeshadows for months and it's still alive and kicking. ><

    Great review, Valerie! Hope to read more from you soon!

    xoxo Rin
    Fuurin Diary

    1. Hi dear! Thanks for dropping by! =D
      yup! Hope they can solve this problem =( the pigment, the lid is very very nice to draw. Just the biggest weak point was the clogs problem ... =(

      xoxo <3

  2. I definitely need this eyebrow liquid pen.. I have thin eyebrows too :D

    1. yes yes! but please remember! use it on your bare face, before all the foundations n primer =D

  3. looks nice and pretty natural~ ^^

  4. I just had this product today and it really amazed me with how i looked wearing it.. it really looks natural and it doesn't smudge at all.. dries quick and really nice... i have a bright orangy blonde hair color and it suited me just fine :D It's really worth it.. i recomment this one thumbs up! 👍