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Friday, 26 September 2014

TheCandySkin Velvet matte lip stick / flawless foundation and Oh! My own falsie mascara REVIEW

Hi girls!
How's your day? 
today is gonna be a long post with lots of pictures, 
First of all, thanks to TheCandySkin for sending me this big parcel to my doorstep!

if you're interested in their products you may visit here 

official website :


Instagram :

have you ever heard of TheCandySkin? 

TheCandySkin was founded in Malaysia in 2007.
Their products was designed to beautify women from inner to outer.
TheCandySkin was started by a young group of pretty & passionate girl in Malaysia.
 Support local ! 

all the goodies is well packed in a thick box with their pretty sticker on it. 

*heavy breath* 

so let's start from their latest products! which is the Velvet Matte Lip Stick! 

the packaging is just like a luxury pen! 

with their signature brand name on it 

Just couldn't stop starring at those pretty details *_* 
the packaging gave me a luxury laduree cosmetics feels

they have a total of 12 pretty shades !

one of TheCandySkin team members told me they've been choosing the colour again and again for almost half year ! 

here is the colour swatch from left to right 
-04 La Hélénie d’automne 堆心菊 
a warm color pinkish coral color, more suitable on fair skin 
-08 La Ficoïde glaciale 松葉菊
an orangy pinkish color, a very unique colour indeed ! not orange but orangy pink. 
you need to put on foundation & blusher to pull out this look. 
-05La Bruyére 石南
similar & slightly darker if compare to colour 04 , more suitable for office / natural look. 
suitable for every skin tone. 
-10 La Giroflée des jardins 夜紫羅蘭
my favourite ! Dark pink with a hint of purplish! 
suitable for every skin tone too, no matter how casual you wear, a sharp colour lip stick will bring out the entire look! 

all the colour is very pigmented and sharp, but before you apply you better make sure your lip conditions is good. This lip stick texture is matte , so if our lip is too dry, the lip line will be kinda obvious.

My suggestion? You can apply a thick layer of Vaseline before sleep. and rub off all the dead skins away the next morning. You're all set for the day! 

Using Velvet matte lipstick in No.10 

and you can try gradient lip colour too, using no10 & no4. both became a very nice gradient lip

another new products from TheCandySkin, 
Flawless Foundation Cream

here I have two of the lightest shades, 
Almond- more to natural skin tone. 
PinkGuava - more to pinkish fair skin tone. 

just 1 swipe , you can see the coverage & blend really well into my skin. 
dap more on dark circle it'll became like concealer. 
wore it for half a day outdoor and it still stays on my face, just that for my own opinion I think this flawless foundation cream is more suitable for combine-dry skin women, I'm considered combined skin,
after a few hours my T zone appeared some oil. But If I add a thin layer of loose powder is gonna be better and last even longer & oil-free. 

oh! My own falsie mascara 
cute name. lol , the packaging was sleek & simple. 

the brush is designed with special angle to let you brush your eyelashes easier and it contained a lot of fiber inside! 

look like fake lashes isn't it , it does maintain the curl of my eyelashes really well.

Flawless foundation in #Almond 
Oh! My own falsie mascara 
Velvet matte lip stick in #4 & #10 

is there any one who wants to get Free gifts from me & the candy skin? 

all you have to do is very simple! 

1 ) like TheCandySkin Facebook page, 

2) like my Facebook page,

3) Total how many shades do the Velvet Matte Lip Stick have ? 
 comment at below with your email address so that we can contact you! 

we will pick 2 lucky girls and inform by e-mail 
closing date :
1 OCT 2014
result will be announced
 on 2 oct 2014 
on my Facebook page 

Hope you like my review for today! 



  1. The answer is 12!
    Pick me please!
    My email address is

  2. There are 12 shades! <3

  3. 12 shades XD
    my email:

  4. There is total 12 shades for Velvet Matte Lip Stick.

  5. there are 12shades

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    Mad love with the series. Pick me!

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  8. The answer is 12 shades... :)
    My email is:

  9. Answer is 12 shades

  10. There is a total of 12 shades..

  11. 12 shades.

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    xx Love, Lany xx

  16. Its 12 shades...



  17. Hi *waves* :)

    Velvet Matte Lip Stick collection have a total of 12 shades.

  18. Awww such lovely packaging!! Also wowowow your lips look so great in matte lipstick. >< So pretty and flawless. *A* I'll definitely be trying out that Vaseline trick! I can't do a gradient lip to save my life haha.

    The foundation looks great on you; as I'm prone to dry patches, I'd opt for a more liquid texture but the shades look great! =D Congrats on your new falsie mascara! ^^

    Now, as for the giveaway, there are 12 shades of Velvet Matte Lip Sticks ^^

    xoxo Rin
    Fuurin Diary

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  20. *holyangel*!!! Those are lovely lipsticks. Wished to have those someday >D... The dangling accessory made them so outstanding <3 Anyway, there are a total 12 gorgeous shades in the Velvet Matte Lip Stick series *fingers crossed*

    Email :

    I am certainly glad to stumbled across your blog. So informative, not to mentioned the abs workout. Gonna try it out tonight lD

  21. There are 12 shades!! :)
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  26. Dear Valerie,

    There are 12 shades of The Candy Skin Velvet Matte Lip Stick!



  27. TheCandySkin Velvet Matte Lip Stick comes in 12 pretty shades of colors! All so pretty, I can't choose! Aaahh! But I specially like num4 because it's so natural and makes your lips looks healthy pink Valerie! Like a Korean *dreams* :)

    Please choose me because I love wearing lip sticks, can't leave home without them on and I do wonders with them! Hehe <3

    My email address:

  28. there are totally 12 shades of the velvet matte lip stick, i would like to have a try of the lip stick becausw the color is very attrative! especially no 8 & 11! btw, candyskin packaging n product design very nice!

  29. The answer is 12 pretty shades! <3
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    my email address is


  30. Velvet Matte Lip Stick have a total of 12 pretty shades ^-^