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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

YSL The Star Travel set , you who came from the star

Our Forever Beauty Queen <3 

Tried my best to look like Chun Song Yi from [ You who came from the star ]
I know I'm kinda outdated, this drama is almost few months ago, now I only do the lip stick review =X

Got this all from Shanghai YSL airport 
yes I got 2 sets, but 1 already sold to my friend =) 

Every girl is screaming to this set ! 

this set can only get from YSL duty free .
airport exclusive !
this is the last 2 boxes, If not I will sapu all =X

from left to right

Rouge Pur Couture in 105 Corail hold up  (Lip Stain)
Middle Rouge put couture in 52 Rouge rose  (Lip Stick)
Gloss volupte in 202 rose jersey  (Lip Gloss)

Gold bars *_* 

Gold Bar 2 *_*

Gold Bar 3 *_*

this no 52 lipstick is really really really hard to capture the true colour of it. 
sometimes look like Coral Pink , sometimes Neon Pink , sometimes red ,sometimes orange. 
I've already tried my best *_* 

you must must must get this lip stick, the colour is incredible gorgeous!!!! 
that's why whole world is out of stock currently, sold out everywhere ! 

more gold bars *_* 

Lip Stick no 52, as you can see , neon colour coral pink , colour is very solid and thick .
Lip stain no 105 apply on my hand is orangy colour with lots of golden glitters . 
Lip Gloss no 202 is baby pink colour , colour is not thick , not solid, but look very juicy when apply on lips. 


This is YSL Lip stain in No,105. 
it's a coral pink, but is different with others brand coral pink,
this is with very tiny little golden glitters , 
so it looks very special. I've never seen such a beautiful colour like this. 
fair skin and tan skin also can use this colour. very beautiful colour .

hohoho, this lipstick is SUPER SUPER HOT !
here I'm using no52 lip stick + no202 lip gloss. 
they both together works wonder ! 

 I guess a lot girl is waiting for this swatch right? 
It's a Coral Pink as well, but more to neon Pink colour. But this colour is more suitable for fair skin , 
Neon color is not easy to handle. But there's some girl said YSL lip stick No15 is very smilier to No52, that is more suitable for girl who have tan skin.  

if only apply 52 is kinda dry and our lip line is kinda obvious (unless you have a perfect moist lip) ,
so after added 202 lip gloss, it tone down no 52 into a sweet coral neon pink colour , yet moisturise! 
I wonder who so brilliant created this set. 
I clap for him/her !

please allow me to do some selfies, this lip stick colour is too pretty =P

will blog about my accessories soon :X

Hope you enjoy my YSL The Star Travel Set Review ! 
If anyone of you going to airport with YSL counter (KLIA have it too!) 
please please please buy this set! super duper worth it and super duper pretty shades! 
I'm planning to get another set to backup too. Please let me know if anyone of you going to KLIA 

love & kisses ,

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