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Saturday, 20 September 2014

PeriPera Frozen Elsa Limited Edition Tap Tap Eyeshadow

Hello Girls ! 
How's your Saturday night !
I'm still working on Saturday night which is -blogging , editing picture's and researching Q_Q 
what am I going to review today? 
Limited Edition PeriPera Disney Frozen Elsa Queen Tap Tap Eyes Palette !!! 
okay... that's a very long name. lol
I got this at RM59.90 from Watsons Ampang Point ,
I guess you can get it from any watsons now, but I can't confirm with you thou , 
any enquiry please ask them at 
PeriPera Malaysia FB :

you can online purchase from their website 

so yup! Every one is crazy about this Frozen make up series , 
almost all sold out in every Watsons! 
My Elsa Eye palette was the LAST TWO !!! 
Anna Eye palette all sold out @_@

*picture credited to PeriPera Malaysia* 

I screen shoot down the price list for you all , see how good I am. hahaha! 
Nail polish & BB cushion is on the way coming soon~

every Frozen products came with a redemption card, collect 3 you can get a chance to exchange an Olaf pouch, if collect 5 you can attend Frozen theme party on Oct ! 
 Hope I can go too T_T 
I like Elsa So much <3 

anyway, here's the actual picture took by me :) 

simple, compact , convenient packaging 

I just love to see how the eyeshadow sparkles in different angle , different light. 
sooo bling *_* 

-white eyeshadow 
basically is transparent colour with silver glitters 
-purplish pink 
purplish pink with silver glitters 
with blue and silver glitters 

The pigments is not really light but not really heavy either. 
if you want natural, just apply straight on your eyelid,
IF you want more obvious and last longer colour you can apply eye base /primer before your eyeshadow :) 

Indoor . without eyeliner , mascara .

outdoor - with eyeliner & mascara 

I know a lot young girls are afraid to put purple / pink / blue / yellow etc colours on your eyes,
only brown or black . But actually if you don't over do it , it'll look fine =) 
who knows it suits you more? #DareToTry !! 

hope you like my review! 


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  1. Ohh these colours give your eyes such a pretty pop! ^ __ ^