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Monday, 8 September 2014

Pavilion Tokyo Street Miira Mew Coordinations

Hello Girls! 
How's your weekend!! 
Mine was busy @_@ 
here is my first coordinations? Actually I think my coordinations kinda sucks , 
that's why I rarely do OOTD in my Instagram...
But I found this cute shop call Miira Mew in Pavilion , tokyo street .
'pavilion', people will auto link to 'luxury' ,'branded' , 'expensive' . Me too! 
BUT !!!! recently (actually not recently , is almost a year already) , I found this cute shop in tokyo street , at first I thought the price is gonna be minimum RM50 and above, but when I look at the price tag, a pretty & goos quality pants only RM29.90, some pretty chiffon tops is RM19.90, skirt RM25.90 & so on! so cheap! now every time I go Pavilion this is my gonna be my first shop to visit. 
Bahahaha! So last week I went there with my besties from Seremban, I bought some of the pretty and comfy dress from there and thought of wanna share with you all , because I think is really worth it and look so pretty & stylish *_* 

Miira Mew is basically selling Japan inspired looking clothes, suitable for girls who at age 18-30? 
they have formal, semi formal, smart casual & casual types of clothes. 
and they always have new stocks ! I'll check them out on every 2 or 3 weeks =O 

Location :
Bukit Bintang Fahrenheit 
Miira Mew
Lot No. 2-10 and 2-11

Miira Mew
Lot No. : 6.24.09, Level 6

Price of this hat 
the tag there stated 100% wool . the shape and the colour of this hat is very nice, 
not those soft soft, lousy, cheap material 
this hat came with dark brown too. 
I know Msia a lot people doesn't like to wear hat, especially big hat =( 
everyone will look at you with 'what's wrong with this girl?' 
But, what ever, life is too short to please others people. Just do / wear whatever you want. 
They doesn't have the right to judge you =D 

how old do I look like? look so damn young in this picture (cheat one)

-Free Size - Light Grey Hoody Zipped Outer 
Price : 
a very comfy & nice hoody!!! available in 2 colours ,
light grey & dark blue.
Planing to get another one in Dark Blue =X 
you just need to wear a simple single or Tee inside , it match really well especially with singlet 
the bat sleeve design will cover your fat arms (if you have them =x ) 
and overall you'll look petite ! The hood is big , very Big enough ! I've bought a lot hoody jacket before but most of them the hood is just for *deco* , deco as in you can't really cover your whole head. a cheat one. lol. But highly recommend this one! 
Not really thick but can survive in air con room. haha!

actually I have no idea I'll have this picture in my camera. but it looks natural, 
so yea, #okaycan

-Free-Size -  Stripe Denim Jacket 
a semi formal jacket, suitable for office or smart casual wear. 
the denim is soft and thin denim, so I think it is suitable for Msia weather. 
tired of plain blazer/jacket in the office? you might wanna try this! 
with two pockets too =) the cutting is a bit big for me, I guess is suitable for girl who wear M-L size. 
Normally my top is S size, but this jacket still acceptable la, just that I think girl with M-L size would be better. 

yellow free size Frill Mesh Ruffle Knit Blouse 
available in 4 super sweet colours!!!
pastel yellow, pastel pink , pastel mint and pastel violet ! How I wish I can grab all of them! 
planning to get another colour too, but not sure which colour >_< 
the material is super comfy! the design of the sleeve can cover your fats and bottom they added some semi transparent ruffles, look so cute and feminine! 
 also highly recommend !! 

and Blue Floral Print Skater Skirt 
I LIKE FLORAL printing!!! Look at my blog layout also can guess already XD
the material of this skater skirt is polyester and inner is pants! 
so overall is very very comfy too, available in 2 colours, 1 is white 1 is light blue. 
but the floral printing this one is much better =D

Hope you like my first coordination review!
next time hope can shoot full body with shoes , handbag done. lol 



  1. Love it! Would have never thought there was such as lovely store in Pavilion! I've only just come across a Japan-chic shop in Fahrenheit on the first floor. ^^ But I'll be sure to give this place a thorough look! Love these styles and life's too short to care about the opinions of unfashionable people. =3= haha

    xoxo Rin
    Fuurin Diary

    1. yes! you must must must visit someday!!! Maybe we can go together too =P hahaha

  2. I love to shop in Miira Mew too! You should go to the one in Fahrenheit instead and check out the shop beside it also, they're of same owner and selling same style of clothes in affordable prices hehe :D

    1. Hi dear yuh jiun !
      yea! I went Miira Mew Fahrenheit too! they selling same clothes with pavilion, so I guess I'll stick to Pavilion =D hehe . Thanks for dropping by <3